Burhill Golf Club: Inside Track

Burhill Golf Club: Inside Track

June 6th, 2012

The PGA EuroPro Tour is heading to Burhill Golf Club for the fourth year and event number five of the summer schedule gets underway on Friday.

Ahead of the tournament we spoke to Head Professional Michael Evans to get an ‘Inside Track’ on the New Course at Burhill.

Weather Watch
“We had a lot of rain through April and May and that made it quite lush out there. With the more recent hot weather we had we have started to see a bit more run on the ball, the grass is starting to get a bit wispy and a bit thick in places; the course is going to be immaculate for the EuroPro Tour.”

Course Changes
“There haven’t been any significant changes over the last 12 months, just the usual maintenance of the course. The New Course opened in 2001 so it’s starting to bed in; the trees are coming up a bit more and the greens are taking to all the work we have done over the last two years.”

Who will it suit?
“The New Course is a little more generous off the tee than our other course, the Old Course, so distance is quite a key feature off the championship tees here.”

Score To Aim For
“I would say that the top scores would be around four under par per round, so we will probably see the leaders finish on about -12 for the tournament.”

Looking For A Birdie
“The front five are key because you can get off to a good start there. You have two par fives, which are both quite easily birdieable, and they are the second and the fifth. You also have the third, a short par-four which is driveable. On the back nine you have 11 and 13, both par fives which are scoreable.”

Biggest Hazard
“The fifth is a reachable par five but you have out-of-bounds left from the tee so it is quite crucial you pick the right line and club. It makes it a crucial tee shot but if you hit it well it becomes a reachable par five. The seventh also has a crucial tee shot because of the lake on the right of the fairway and the fairway slopes towards the water. If you land in the middle of the fairway and the wind works against you it’s possible that you might end up in the water.”

Top Tip
“The greens are going to play a big part. The golfers will need to hit it in the right areas around the greens and leave themselves on the low side of the hole because the greens are going to be quite a good pace. There are some key areas out there where if they miss it on the wrong side they will find themselves struggling.”

Anything else?
“It’s a tough finish on the New Course. The 17th is a tough par four and a long and accurate tee shot will favour you. The 18th is a par three over the water and the green is in three sections; with a clubhouse of people watching over you that will be a pressurised finish. It’s not easy to hold onto your score on the last two.”

The Kerry London PGA EuroPro Tour gets underway at Burhill Golf Club on Friday morning and spectator entry is free all weekend.

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