Burhill New Course: The Key Holes

Burhill New Course: The Key Holes

June 7th, 2012

The New Course at Burhill Golf Club will play host to the Kerry London PGA EuroPro Tour this weekend.

It is event number five of the PGA EuroPro Tour season and ahead of the tournament Michael Evans, head professional at Burhill, has selected what he believes to be the five key holes on the course.

Par: 5; Yards: 532
“This is a reachable par five, so you have a good chance of a birdie or potentially an eagle, but the tee shot is crucial because you have out of bounds on the left. There are also two fairway bunkers off the tee to the right which draw your attention, so picking the right club and choosing the right line is really key on that hole.”

Par: 4; Yards: 434
“The seventh has a left-to-right sloping fairway which isn’t that well seen because it is quite a subtle slope. You have to make the decision to either go at it with a driver and then a mid to short iron into the green, or you play safe to make sure you avoid the water hazard on the right but that leaves you with a mid to long iron into the green.”

Par: 4; Yards: 420
“The fairway is quite low-lying alongside the lake on the left. It’s always quite lush so the ball generally holds up a bit more down that hole than previous holes. There is rough on the right side and if you hit it in the wrong place getting over the water can be a bit of a challenge. That makes it quite a crucial tee shot and it’s important to understand the ball will hold up quite a bit more on that fairway than you might anticipate.”

Par: 4; Yards: 442
“Seventeen requires either a lay-up to the fairway bunker, leaving a long second shot, or a really well-treaded tee shot over or around the bunker to set up a mid to short iron approach to the green.”

Par: 3; Yards: 192
“Club selection is important at the eighteenth. It plays about 10 yards longer than what you think because it is slightly uphill. There are big trees overhanging the right side of the green. If you clip one of those trees you can fall down short on the green and it’s difficult from there. You need to find a safe shot at the heart of the green to then hopefully finish up with a two-put par.”

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