Inside Track: Guide To Wensum Valley

Inside Track: Guide To Wensum Valley

April 20th, 2012

The PGA EuroPro Tour gets underway on Wednesday with the Motocaddy Masters at Wensum Valley.

The venue has become the traditional season opener on the Tour and with the clock ticking down to the start of the 2012 campaign we spoke to Brad Jordan, the PGA Professional at Wensum Valley, to get the lowdown on the course.

[b]Top Tip[/b]
“My one top tip would be to keep it out of the water. I know that sounds straight-forward advice but play away from the water because there are four holes – the seventh, eighth, 15th and 16th – that are card wreckers. I would say with the weather as it looks like it might be the course will play a bit slower and a bit longer, so get it into position off the tee to make the course easier. If you get into bad positions off the tee you can be out of it. It happened last year, some of the leaders got to the second and one trebled it, one doubled it and that was it, game over for them. Getting yourself in the right position off the tee is paramount and then it might be an extra club going in but take your par on the tricky holes because you can soon be penalised by the water and the trees.”

[b]Weather Watch[/b]
“The weather can have a massive impact on the course. Last year it was very dry and when it is as dry as it was then it does make a difference. For example, the first would usually be a driver and then a wedge but in wetter conditions, and especially if the wind is coming in, it would be a driver and then a five iron. The green will be a lot softer than it was last year so it should stop on there as you aren’t going to get so much roll. The dry weather made it difficult last year because the ball wouldn’t stop on the greens and you were hitting a bobbly and bumpy fairway, making it difficult to avoid water hazards sometimes. You won’t get that this year but different conditions have different impacts and I think this year might be a difficult round for different reasons.”

[b]Who will it suit?[/b]
“Holes nine and ten are good for the big hitters really. The tenth is 497 yards and would be a par five on most courses but is a par four here. It’s all about length there.”

[b]Score to aim for[/b]
“The average score for the EuroPro Tour here last year was 76, although it was very dry and quite bouncy; players were knocking it onto the green and it was running into the water. This year we have had a lot of rain so that will help hold the ball up a little more than last year. In our amateur tournaments a 74, 75 will win a medal more often than not but I think for the pros, if the weather is right and they get their putting going, they can get into the high 60s. Nobody has ever really burnt the course up though and a one-over for the three rounds won it last year. If you can get par you should be picking up a cheque! I think anything under par is fantastic on that course.”

[b]Insider’s View[/b]
“I love playing the Wensum; I play 90% of my golf on the Wensum in the summer. It’s a beautiful golf course and it is a good test. The guy who wins it will certainly deserve it.”

[b]Anything else?[/b]
“The third from the Valley Course is being used to replace hole six from the Wensum Course for the EuroPro Tour. It is usually a par five but will be a par four during the competition. Once again the tee shot is paramount here. It is a 500-yard dog leg and with the tee shot it does run, but if you get it into the trees it’s a chip out again.”

On Monday we’ll bring you Brad’s guide to what he believes are the five key holes at Wensum Valley.

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