Tour continues commitment to sustainable golf with reusable bottles

Tour continues commitment to sustainable golf with reusable bottles

March 6th, 2020

The PGA EuroPro Tour is proud to present its 2020 members bottle as the Tour continues to combat its carbon footprint. 

Boosted by recent years of providing all members with a reusable bottle, and this will continue for 2020 with every member receiving a free bottle worth nearly £20. 

Members Water Bottles Pictured

The Camelbak Bottle is BPS, BPF and BPA free making it one of the cleanest bottles on the market. We see it as another vital investment in its commitment to creating a sustainable golf tour after already announcing that members will receive Ocean Tee bamboo tees at every event moving away from plastic. 

Each year in the UK alone, 13 billion plastic bottles are bought but only 7.5 billion of those are recycled and a third of all plastic waste in the sea is plastic bottles.

Tour CEO Dan Godding is committed to sustainability: “We have seen a monumental uptake in our bottles in recent years and hope to see this continue into 2020 and beyond. We see it as an investment into not just golf but future generations. We’re making moves every week to ensure our Tour is as efficient and sustainable as possible.” 

Water stations if not cans of water will be situated around every course we visit in the upcoming 2020 schedule with members receiving their bottles at the first event they play. 


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