Wensum Valley: The Key Holes

Wensum Valley: The Key Holes

April 23rd, 2012

The PGA EuroPro Tour gets underway on Wednesday with the Motocaddy Masters at Wensum Valley.

The Norfolk venue has become the Tour’s traditional season opener and with the start of the 2012 campaign just days away we spoke to Brad Jordan, the PGA Professional at Wensum Valley, to get the lowdown on the course.

On Friday we brought you his top tips to win on the Wensum Course. Today he runs down what he believes are the five key holes at the venue.

[b]Second [/b]
Par: 4, Yards: 370
“One of the key holes has to be the second. It’s a very sharp dog-leg hole going into a green that is very narrow. On the last day the pin will be on the top left, making it narrower than the 12th at Augusta.

“You will get guys who go for the pin who may end up in the deep bunker to the left of the green. It is all about the tee shot on this one: it’s a tight one with the dog leg so it’s either lay up and you have a long shot in or draw it round if you are right handed and give yourself a wedge going in.

“You have to be careful not to end up out-of-bounds because if you go through the dog leg you are onto the driving range. It is the second hole so you don’t want to end up taking a double or even treble bogey, especially so early on; many pros, myself included, have done that! The amount of pro balls we usually have on the range by the end of the week is quite amazing really.”

[b]Seventh [/b]
Par: 3, Yards: 142
“The seventh is a lovely little hole. It is a par three but is surrounded by water and has an island green. Club selection is the key on that one; you don’t want to end up flopping it into the water and you also have to be careful with the water at the back as well. It’s a big green though and the hole is only 142 yards, so it’s probably a wedge nine iron for most of EuroPro Tour players if there is no wind.”

[b]Eighth [/b]
Par: 4, Yards: 396
“The eighth hole is an absolute corker. It is completely tree-lined on the right and full of water with a big lake running down the left. In the right conditions a driver would give you an easy shot in but if you hit the trees on the right you will have to chip out and obviously you’ve got the water to be careful of on the left. A three-wood would be ideal for the bigger hitters here but there is water on the back and to the side of the greens so if you can come off there with a par then you would be happy.”

[b]Sixteenth [/b]
Par: 5, Yards: 565
“The really key one is the 16th. It is a long, 565-yard par five and it has water all the way down to the green on the right-hand side, then you probably have a fairway about 25 yards wide before you get to the trees which line the left-hand side. There is an oak tree just left of middle on the fairway and if you get behind that you can’t go for the green in two. It is two good whacks and a little wedge on and again, you take your par here. This hole is definitely a card wrecker, regardless of what standard you are.”

[b]Eighteenth [/b]
Par: 5, Yards: 483
“The 18th is a cracker because it is a par five but it’s very reachable in two for these boys so if they have a score going there is every chance of getting an eagle or birdie to win it on the last hole. There are a couple of holes on the back nine which are birdie-able and if you can get through the tricky holes with a par then you have the eighteenth where you can get a good score.”

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